ARCStake — Professional Blockchain Staking Services & Tooling For Elrond Network

Our Expertise: Well Versed in Elrond Tech

1. Node & Blockchain Zabbix Monitoring Plugin

2. Elrond MainNet Public API

3. WebWallet

  • sending / receiving eGLD
  • exporting transactions list
  • delegating with ARCStake
  • interacting with future ARCStake Products & Services

4. Delegation Manager

Our Infrastructure: Secure, Professional, Distributed

  • Highest resiliency
  • Highest security (our private clouds give us full control over privacy and security)
  • Limitless scalability
  • Optimized costs

Hybrid Clouds — the best of two worlds

Practice and Experience make perfect!

  • Virtualization: Linux KVM/Windows Hyper-V/Docker/VMWare
  • Development: Perl/Bash/C#/PowerShell/TypeScript/JS Framweorks/HTML/CSS Development
  • Distributed computing: MySQL Clustering/MSSQL Clustering/DFS/NLB/HLB
  • Resilient services: DNS/Web/Mail/Cloud Storage/Monitoring
  • CI/CD: Puppet/Jenkins/Atlassian Stack

Projects on our RoadMap

1. Elrond Extended API

  • price information
  • blockchain advanced statistics
  • aggregated data for reporting

2. ENM — Elrond Nodes Manager

  • spinning up new nodes
  • starting/stopping nodes
  • upgrading nodes
  • switching validator node keys with observers that are ready to take out the validator role on a specific shard
  • monitoring and notification capabilities

3. ASP .NET Core Library

  • sending / receiving eGLD
  • getting blockchain/address/SC stats
  • out-of-the-box SC interactions

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Meet #Elrondstaking!

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ARC Stake

ARC Stake

Meet #Elrondstaking!

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